Hey There

The most authentic and real images are created when we're comfortable enough to let go, laugh, joke, be sarcastic, jam out and even dance together. When creating timeless pieces for you to cherish we don't want any of that awkward 90s stand there and cheese the camera BS.  That's why it's important we get to know each other beforehand. 

About Kenzie

I'm a DIY obsessed mommy to two of  the tiniest little Wild Child energy giving princesses this side of the Rocky Mountains. I get to do this thing we all call life with my Weston, he's always making people feel like they are the coolest person in the room and I aspire to be like him every day. We live in the perfect little hallmark valley of Star Valley, Wyoming and spend our free time in the mountains with our horses and enjoying the best parts of the rural world we live in. 

Making humans feel like the best version of themselves is something I have been in the business of for over 7 Years. I am a licensed  Stylist + Hair and Makeup artist, transforming things is what lights a fire in me and that is what lead me to creating Kinseylynnphotoco. Taking photos for me is more than just straight from a nice camera, the editing process is where all the magic happens for me, I have spent countless hours learning and perfecting the way I edit and I know my styles not for everyone AND THATS OK. I want you to find a photographer who you love. IT'S YOUR WEDDING, Kind of a big deal, and you SHOULD be picky!