How to make the most of your wedding portraits or engagement photo session

Hi! I’m Kenzie, a wedding photographer in Jackson hole Wyoming. I love the Tetons and their magic and capturing your genuine candid portraits with their Grand veiws.

Now you’ve probably got some inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram for how you want your photos to turn out. But not everyone is a natural born model and feels comfortable with their SO in front of the camera.

Thats why I’ve created a list of easy ways to make the most of your wedding portraits or engagement photo session.

GET COMFORTABLE - I will start with some fun prompts like running or piggyback rides to got all of your jitters out. After that the best thing to do is focus on each other. Really look at one another and take in all of your attractive qualities! This will take your mind off of trying to pose and make your photos look natural.

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WEAR NEUTRALS WITH LOTS OF ACCESSORIES - neutral clothes give you the warmth and rich tones you see in my photos, fun shoes and hats or jewelry level up your outfit in photos in every way. If it is your wedding I recommend a hair peice, braids, hats, fun earrings.

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LAUGH - even if what i or your partner is saying is not funny just laugh. The camera can’t tell the difference between a fake laugh and a real one 😉. Laughing will bring out so much emotion and fun in your session.

MOVE YOUR BODIES - I tell everyone the more movement the better. Run, swing eachother, throw each other, I want to see your hair MOVE. Dance, play a fast kissing game, tickle each other. Throw your arms around and be crazy.

STOP CARING WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK - This can be in the case of me the photographer, or if we are in a public place. I swear to you no one is thinking you are Weird or annoying or look stupid. And if they do, they definately don’t have Pinterest worthy engagement or wedding photos, so why would you even care what they think.