Romantic Slide Lake Elopement Gros Ventre + Grand Teton

Have you ever seen an elopement location with such a wildly incredible backdrop? Tanya and Max shared their wedding day at the stunning Slide Lake, created by the Gros Ventre slide near Grand Teton National Park, captured by Kinseylynn Photo co.

We took advantage of all the amazing views the lake has to offer and shared their personal vows, on an ice covered lake in the forest.

I feel so honored to have been invited to capture this day. It was full of laughter and their ceremony took place in an area of such sentimental value to them that it gives me goosebumps when I look back through their gallery.

Max and Tanya planned to get married in Mexico with all their close friends and family. But before they could party in Mexico they wanted to legally be married and have a small intimate ceremony.

They wanted to capture some of the red rock on the mountains and there was just enough peeking through that it really came through in their photos.

My favorite part of the day was when we were driving out the clouds around the Tetons were too incredible to pass up! I’m so happy Tanya stopped and we had an impromptu shoot running in the road with the most candid moments. Everything was perfect about this laid back beautiful day. The golden hues mirrored Max and Tanya’s hearts of gold and we will never stop reliving this day

Care free Jackson hole elopement couple running towards the Tetons on the Gros Ventre Road photographed by kinseylynn photo co a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer in Wyoming who loves taking photos of grand Teton weddings

Gros Ventre slide lake Jackson hole elopement ceremony and vows. Jackson hole wedding and grand Teton photos on the Gros Ventre road photographed by Kinseylynn Photo co

Jackson hole wedding and elopement photography, slide lake elopement Gros Ventre and Grand Teton national park wedding photos and a winter Jackson hole elopement

Golden hour grand Teton elopement photography photographed by Kinseylynn Photo co a Jackson hole elopement at slide lake in the Gros Ventre range. Bride wearing a rue de seine bridal wedding dress

Reading vows at a Jackson hole elopement in the Gros Ventre range at slide lake. A romantic microwedding shot by kinseylynn photo co a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer. Jackson hole wedding photography

Intimate and romantic wedding ceremony in grand Teton National park photographed by Kenzie Nield a Jackson hole wedding photographer from Wyoming. Lower slide lake winter elopement with the bride wearing a rue de seine bridal wedding dress

Western wedding dip with the grams Tetons as the backdrop. A winter elopement in Jackson hole near the Gros Ventre

New here? Hi! I’m Kenzie, a Jackson Hole photographer spending my time trying to capture the beauty of the Tetons and the magic of authentically wild love stories in the same photos.