Things to know before you Elope in grand Teton National park

Things to know before you elope in Jackson hole, a grand Teton national park wedding and elopement. Photographed by kinseylynn photo co one of Jackson Hole wedding photographers


A permit is required to get married in the national park, (unless you are getting married in the Chapel of Transfiguration). It costs about 200$ to apply for and can be done on the parks website. After you fill out the application you will email it to . After that they will call you to get your payment information. You will want to obtain your permit ASAP as the locations and reservations for them fill up extremely fast! Here you can find all information on permits for commitment ceremonies and weddings

Book ahead of time

That brings me to planning you Jackson hole wedding way way in advance, only because all of your vendors are going to be booked out at least 6 month to a year in advance. It is always worth a shot to see if somehow your date isn’t booked yet, but in order to get your first choice when it comes to hair and makeup, photography, florals, venues and places to stay, I recommend planning your Grand Teton wedding or elopement 1 year ahead of time.

Grand Teton table scape and wedding decor for a Jackson hole elopement, styled shoot created by kinseylynn photo co a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer

Make sure your photographer and officiant are aware and equipped to handle the adventure you have in mind

Jackson and Teton national park are wild places and if you are thinking of any extra adventurous plans you will want to make sure you or someone you are with has some snacks, bear spray and first aid on hand. As well as knowledge of park rules and regulations. There would be nothing worse than being unprepared in an unforeseen situation on the best day of your life.

Grand Teton engagement photos taken at windy point turnout on Teton park rd in winter by kinseylynn photo co a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer

How to get a marriage license in Wyoming

You can pick up your wedding license at the Teton county Clerks office a day or two before your wedding. You will just need 30$, your Date and place of birth

  • Residence address

  • Social Security number

  • Parents’ (mother and father) places of birth

  • Mother’s maiden name

  • Photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport etc.)

Black tail ponds overlook, Jackson Hole elopement photos taken by Kinseylynn Photo Co

Do I need an officiant and witnesses to get married in Grand Teton?

Yes you will need to have at least two witnesses and an officiant to properly have your ceremony in the Tetons. If you are eloping and wanting to keep it small you will just want to make sure to have two people there who can sign your certificate. (Vendors or random bystanders do count!)

Engagement photos taken in grand Teton national park, by McKenzie Nield a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer

Park closures

The majority of the yearJackson hole is covered in feet of snow, so you will want to make sure the place you are planning on is accessible during your date! The Teton Park Road closes to traffic from November 1st through April 30th. The road is closed between Taggart Lake Trailhead and Signal Mountain Lodge. The Signal Mountain Summit Road and the Moose-Wilson Road (from Death Canyon Trailhead to Granite Canyon Trailhead) close between November 1st and mid-May each year.

Exchanging wedding vows for their elopement near Jackson hole and grand Teton

Bring your Hiking shoes

You will probably wan to bring a pair of hiking shoes plus your wedding shoes no matter the location of your ceremony there will be a bit of a walk or small hike to get to the views. Not something you want to wear heels or white shoes doing.

Grand Teton elopement photos bride wearing a rue de seine bridal wedding dress at her Jackson hole elopement

Get a park pass

You will of course want to explore and see all the sights while you are visiting so I would make sure to have a park pass in the plans for you and any family who might be visiting with you. Make sure to buy the annual pass, it is cheaper if you plan on spending more than one day in the park, which you will want to do. Plus then if you decide to visit again unexpectedly soon you will have it.

Intimate wedding vows at a Jackson hole elopement

Bring a coat or jacket no matter the time of year

Temperatures in Jackson Hole in the summer time can drop drastically at night. It’s always good to be prepared for cooler weather in case it decides to snow on us in June.

Jackson hole wedding elopement packages, ring swapping for their wedding ceremony, mermaid dress and black on black grooms suit taken by a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer

Best Locations to get married in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton

As of 2022 Grand Teton national Park does not allow any weddings or commitment ceremonies to be held at any of their popular Lakes. But not to worry there are still many places with fantastic views of the mountains.

Signal mountain summit

Signal mountain summit wedding location in Jackson hole. Things you need to know for eloping in Grand Teton in 2022.

Chapel of the Sacred Heart

Chapel of sacred hearts wedding location in grand Teton, things to know before eloping in Jackson hole

Chapel of transfiguration

Things to know before you elope in grand Teton, chapel or transfiguration is a great wedding ceremony location that you don’t need a permit for

Diamond Cross Ranch

Diamond cross ranch is Jackson holes number one wedding venue, things you should know before eloping in Jackson hole and locations to do it

Table Mountain

Table mountain is a little know spot to elope in Jackson Hole you ride a ski lift up to the top for an incredible wedding photo veiw

Blacktail Ponds

Black tail ponds overlook is my favorite location for a Jackson hole elopement because of the beautiful pines and veiw of the Tetons. Things to know when you elope in Jackson hole from a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer

Schwabacker’s Landing

The most popular location for a Jackson hole elopement, mountain reflections make for incredible wedding photos, take it from a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer

The Wedding Tree

The wedding tree is another popular wedding location if you are having a Jackson hole elopement

Mormon Row

Mormon row a classic wedding and elopement location for your Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer to take your wedding photos.

Hidden falls

Things you should know about a Jackson hole elopement, you can get married at hidden falls and have it photographed by one of the best photographers in Jackson hole

This is everything you need to know about starting to plan your Jackson Hole elopement. Congratulations on starting this chapter and beginning to plan the most beautiful day of your life. Choosing Grand Teton and its incredible mountain peaks plus amazing wildlife and nature hikes is and excellent decision that you won’t regret, no matter the time of year.